Chiang Mai Reopens Tha Pae Walking Street With Strict Safety Measures

When the pandemic first spread across Thailand, every spot went quiet, even vibrant cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai. With no tourists and out and about, these places seemed like ghost towns.

The COVID-19 situation in Thailand is since getting better now, so different places are reopening again, including the popular Tha Pae Walking Street in Chiang Mai.

Walking street started operating again on 7th June 2020 

Chiang Mai walking street reopensImage credit: Review Chiang Mai

Tha Pae is a large market packed with local food and handicrafts and is usually hosted every Sunday night.

After a 2-month shutdown, Chiang Mai now allows sellers to set up their stores again from 7th June 2020 onwards and has also tightened its safety measures to prevent more infections.

Reopens Walking Street in Chiang Mai Body temperature checkpoint
Image credit: Review Chiang Mai

There are 4 checkpoints at each entrance around Imm Hotel, Wat Phra Singh, Yupparaj Intersection, and Puttisopon Intersection.

With the night curfew in place, the opening hours have been changed to 4PM to 9PM. Now, there are some locals who are going out to enjoy the evening vibes after being cooped up for so long. The market’s stores are also gradually coming back and preparing products to welcome tourists again in the near future.

Reopens Walking Street in ThailandImage credit: Review Chiang Mai

Reopens Walking Street in Chiang Mai
Food store also tighten up the safety measures
Image credit: Review Chiang Mai

Even though the situation is far better than how it used to be in the past months, it’s important for us not to be complacent or careless, and to keep up with the necessary health measures.

Let’s hope we can enjoy our freedom and experience outdoor activities as usual very soon.