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“Be part of the organic revolution, Change the world”

More Than Vegan…

We feel that it is our responsibility to maintain our environment and natural resources while enjoying consuming and cooking food

We have several different projects…

on-going workshop’s on food and environment related issues. Our market is concentrated on organic produce,
Royal Project products and environmentally friendly & natural products.

Vegan Makes My Heart Feel Good. Vegan is not a diet. It is a lifestyle.
You could simply go “plant-based” as a diet, which many celebrities and others have done in the past.
But going vegan is something you do with your heart and not just your head.


Mr. Vipon Kwatra and his family harbored a dream with a vision to own a hotel for many years and searched for an investment property in the city of Bangkok. However, after extensive market research, Chiang Mai has emerged as the perfect city and the most likelihood to embrace their philosophy that they wanted to create for their hotel.

Mr. Vipon was born and raised in Thailand making him the second generation of his family roots since the migration of his grandparents from India to Thailand many years ago.  Mr. Vipon’s father and mother, Pradeep and Meena Kwatra are first generation parents with strict values and believes such as being vegan themselves, do not consume alcohol and have long supported the pursuit of owning a hotel with just two simple requests.

* Zero profits from the slaughter of any animals
* Zero profits from the sale of alcoholic beverages of any type

Hence the birth & creation of
Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort – A Vegan Retreat


Tel: +66 53 904 977
Fax: +66 53 904 978
Email: fb.acmt@awayresorts.com
Line at: @moreganic


9 Soi 1 Kotchasarn Rd., Chang Klan,
Muang Chiang Mai,
Chiang Mai 50100 THAILAND


7:00 HRS – 11:00 HRS
(Last order 10.30 HRS)